T.H.E. Clinic

Los Angeles’ To Help Everyone Clinic is one of about 1,250 federally funded health centers that treat more than 20 million patients in poor urban and rural areas around the United States. They are considered a critical part of the federal healthcare overhaul, expected to lower costs, improve quality and expand access.

Crucial test for an outpost of healthcare in South L.A.

T.H.E. Clinic is one of 1,250 federally funded nonprofit community facilities nationwide that are bracing for an influx of patients when major elements of healthcare reform begin in 2014.

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Diabetes is a stubborn adversary

The disease, affected so greatly by lifestyle, is an ongoing challenge for the healthcare system — and for community clinics in the forefront of reform efforts.

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T.H.E. Clinic: Waiting to see – again

Roy Lawrence was diagnosed with cataracts in January. Nearly a year later, Lawrence still is waiting for the operation. His vision has deteriorated to the point that he is considered legally blind.

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By Anna Gorman :: Photography by Gina Ferazzi