Space shuttle Endeavour remembered

Former Endeavour engineers reminisce about the legacy of the last space shuttle ever built.

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Bill Roberts

Project manager for orbiter transition and retirement for the Boeing Co.

"What I gave Endeavour and the whole shuttle program is 30 years of my life and dedicated service."

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Charles Lowery

Engineering Design Manager

"Endeavour gave me a great deal of satisfaction, and of course the experience of working with a parachute system."

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Frank Daniels

Director of system safety, reliability and quality assurance for Boeing

"Whenever I got up in the morning I was excited to get to work."

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Al Hoffman

Site manager, Edwards Air Force Base NASA Dryden Flight Research Center for the Boeing Co.

"I gave Endeavour life."

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Stan Barauskas

Boeing senior engineer

"We incorporated every improvement that we had on the previous vehicles into Endeavour ... the best systems the best computer systems and the best hardware."

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Michael Carlson

Engineer, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

"I felt like the work I was doing was advancing humankind."

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Larry Korb

Consultant to the program until 2005

"The sophisication of that machine is just beyond belief. Millions of hours of engineering that went into it, and it all seemed to work."

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Peter Magoski

Associate program manager

"The satisfaction that I really got was to see the program through."

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Jerry Blackburn

Material and process engineer

"When people ask, 'Was the shuttle program worth the cost?' I think it was. We have astronauts who gave their lives on these programs."

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Video by Jeff Amlotte, Myung Chun, Don Kelsen and Bethany Mollenkof. Interactivity by Armand Emamdjomeh.