Hightlights from MOCAtv

MOCA’s YouTube channel has gained an international following airing interviews, documentaries, video art and an animated series.

'Artists Talk' series with Alia Shawkat

The "Arrested Development" actress explores contemporary artists' rarely seen creative spaces.

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'A New Sculpturalism'

As part of "A New Sculpturalism: Contemporary Architecture From Southern California," MOCA rounded up interviews with prominent architects.

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12 Paintings by Laura Owens

The artist goes into detail on the creation of her large-scale works.

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Amanda Ross-Ho

A look at the installation of the L.A.-based artist's show "Teeny Tiny Women" at the Pacific Design Center.

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Shepard Fairey

The street artist's curated list of YouTube videos that have served as his inspirations, including those featuring Saul Bass, Blondie and George Clinton.

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Urs Fischer

The making of "YES," the artist's 2013 project in which he invited 1,500 people to fill the Geffen Contemporary with their own clay sculptures.

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