Catherine O’Hara’s funniest moments

Catherine O’Hara was born into comedy. “The way to get attention at the dinner table was to have something funny to say,” the Canadian comedic actress recently told The Times. Her career began in improvisational comedy, and she soon turned to TV and movie roles. We highlight a few of her most amusing moments.

'Twillings Tea'

In one of her most famous imitations on the Canadian sketch comedy program "SCTV," O'Hara gave an uncanny impression of an elderly Katharine Hepburn talking about her "first time." She scored even more laughs when her first time wound up being about tea instead.

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'The Brooke Shields Show'

O'Hara portrays model-actress Brooke Shields as a toenail-picking, tongue-wagging, aloof question-asking woman in the sketch "The Brooke Shields Show." Other notable O'Hara imitations include Lucille Ball, Jane Fonda and Meryl Streep.

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'English for Beginners'

O'Hara plays an impatient and multi-pitched English instructor in the "SCTV" sketch "English for Beginners." She and her student plays voice games back and forth.

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'Waiting for Guffman'

In the mockumentary titled "Waiting for Guffman," O'Hara pairs up with Fred Willard. The couple play odd travel agents who've never traveled. In this scene, O'Hara reveals a little too much at the dinner table.

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O'Hara suddenly bursts into song in Tim Burton's horror fantasy "Beetlejuice." Actor Jeffrey Jones and actress Winona Ryder join in the song and add dance moves to "Day-O," also known as "The Banana Boat Song," performed by Harry Belafonte.

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'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'

O'Hara plays a woman with pumpkin problems in a sketch alongside Greg Proops, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles.

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