Next in line for execution

Of the nearly 750 inmates on California's death row, at least 16 could be next in line for execution, having completed their appeals, which have been rejected.

Fernando Belmontes

Crime: 1981 beating murder of burglary victim Steacy McConnell, 19.
Sentenced: Oct. 6, 1982
Age: 54

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Albert Brown

Crime: 1980 rape and strangulation of Susan Jordan, 15.
Sentenced: Feb. 19, 1982
Age: 61

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Kevin Cooper

Crime: 1983 hatchet murders of Doug and Peggy Ryen, daughter Jessica, 10, and friend Chris Hughes, 11, during prison escape.
Sentenced: May 15, 1985
Age: 57

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Tiequon Cox

Crime: 1984 gang-related shooting murders of Ebora Alexander, daughter Dietria Alexander, grandchildren Damon Bonner, and Damani Garner, in a case of mistaken address.
Sentenced: April 30, 1986
Age: 49

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Albert Cunningham

Crime: 1985 robbery and shooting murder of Carmen Treto outside a bar.
Sentenced: June 16, 1989
Age: 68

Ronald Deere

Crime: 1982 shooting murder of former girlfriend’s family Donald Davis, 36, and Davis’ daughters, Michelle, 7, and Melissa, 2, in retaliation for breakup.
Sentenced: Nov. 10, 1982
Age: 62

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Robert Fairbank

Crime: 1985 torture and stabbing murder of college student Wendy Cheek, 24.
Sentenced: Sept. 5, 1989
Age: 63

Royal Hayes

Crime: 1981 shooting deaths of former girlfriend Lauren de Laet, 36, and Donald MacVicar, 32, during a drug sale.
Sentenced: Aug. 8, 1986
Age: 78

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Harvey Heishman

Crime: 1979 shooting death of alleged rape victim Nancy Lugassy, 28.
Sentenced: March 30, 1981
Age: 67

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Douglas Mickey

Crime: 1980 robbery-related bludgeoning and stabbing murders of Eric Lee Hanson, 29, and Catherine Blount, 19.
Sentenced: Sept. 23, 1983
Age: 66

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Michael Angelo Morales

Crime: 1981 rape and stabbing murder of Terry Winchell, 17.
Sentenced: April 25, 1983
Age: 56

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William Payton

Crime: 1980 rape and stabbing to death of Pamela Martin, 21, and attempted murders of another woman and 10-year-old boy.
Sentenced: March 5, 1982
Age: 61

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Scott Pinholster

Crime: 1982 burglary and stabbing murder of Thomas Johnson, 25, and Robert Beckett, 29.
Sentenced: June 4, 1984
Age: 56

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Richard Samayoa

Crime: 1985 beating to death of neighbors Nelia Silva, 33, and her daughter Katherine, 2, during home burglary.
Sentenced: June 28, 1988
Age: 62

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Mitchell Sims

Crime: 1985 drowning and strangulation murder of pizza deliveryman John Harrigan, 21, and attempted murders of two pizza store employees.
Sentenced: Sept. 11, 1987
Age: 55

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Anthony Sully

Crime: 1983 torture and shooting to death of Gloria Fravel, 24, Brenda Oakden, 19, Michael Thomas, 24, Phyllis Melendrez, 20, Barbara Searcy, 22, and Kathryn Barrett, 24.
Sentenced: July 15, 1986
Age: 71

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Source: Times reporting

Credits: Photos courtesy of California Dept. of Corrections