Return of a classic

Sunday’s screening of “How the West Was Won” at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood will feature vintage Cinerama projectors and a vintage sound dubber, with a few modern touches: Three separate films are played in the original projectors. Modern xenon lamps replace old carbon arc lamps. New platters hold the film, which used to be held on vertical reels.

Return of a classic
Compared to Imax

Filming in Cinerama

Cinerama used a single camera with three 35mm film magazines and lenses behind a large shutter that ensured that all three images were exposed at exactly the same time and for the same length of time. The total image covers a 146-degree field of view.

Compared to Imax

A typical Imax screen is about 52 feet high and 72 feet wide — taller than a Cinerama screen, but not as wide. The world’s largest Imax is about 98 feet high.