Coliseum Commission

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission oversees management of the stadium and adjacent Sports Arena. It is a joint authority of the state and the city and county of Los Angeles; each government appoints three members.

Appointed by the County Board of Supervisors
Appointed by the city

Appointed by the governor

David Israel

President starting February 2011. Resigned June 6, 2012.

William J. Chadwick

Glenn Sonnenberg

Replaced Rick Caruso in January 2012 after Caruso submitted resignation in September 2011

Appointed by the County Board of Supervisors

Don Knabe

Supervisor. President since June 6, 2012..

Mark Ridley-Thomas


Zev Yaroslavsky


Appointed by the city

By the Board of Recreation and Parks commissioners, who are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the City Council

Barry A. Sanders

Johnathan Williams

Bernard C. Parks

Appointed by City Council president