Tracking the shooter at Ft. Hood

Here’s how the recent shooting rampage at Ft. Hood in Texas unfolded, according to military investigators.

1 Administrative office

Military investigators say Spc. Ivan Lopez, after a dispute over his request for a leave, opened fire at an administrative office, killing one soldier and injuring 10. He fled in his car.

2 Firing from car

He fires from his car at two soldiers, wounding one.

3 Motor pool office

Lopez arrives at the motor pool office where he works. He shoots three soldiers, one of whom later dies.

4 Firing from car

Driving away, he shoots through the windshield of an oncoming car, wounding the passenger, a soldier.

5 Medical building

At a medical building, Lopez shoots and kills one soldier and injures two others.

6 Suicide

Lopez approaches a military police officer. They speak briefly. He wields his gun, and she draws her weapon and fires. Lopez is not hit. He shoots himself in the head.

Sources: Ft. Hood, Times reporting, Pictometry

Credits: Matt Moody, Lorena Iniguez, Raoul Ranoa