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Planes, cranes and transporters

The shuttle’s 12-mile, two-day journey from LAX to the California Science Center will require four computer-controlled transporters to work together through a series of complex turns and back-and-forth slides to avoid streetside obstacles.

Moving the shuttle | Getting ready | Placement | Separation | Transfer

How the shuttle Endeavour will be transported from LAX to the California Science Center.

Removing Endeavour from the Boeing 747 carrier that carried it to California from Florida.

In position

Heavy equipment is placed in position before the shuttle arrives. It includes two cranes, two lifts and a sling that will be used to lift and lower Endeavour.

Attaching the sling

Once the 747 is towed into position, a 37,000-pound sling is lowered by two cranes, one from each end.

Lifting the shuttle

Once secured, the sling and shuttle are slowly lifted straight up, creating space for the 747 underneath to be backed out.

Lowering the shuttle

Shuttle is lowered onto a frame sitting atop self-propelled vehicles that will move it into a United Airlines hangar and, later, through the streets of L.A.


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