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Rose Parade: Imagination on the move

Honda's "Follow Your Dreams" is the lead float in the 2013 Rose Parade. The 100-foot-long vehicle consists of three islands that display features inspired by Dr. Seuss to illustrate a child's imagination and dreams, and the fun to be had there.

The long march down Colorado Blvd. | A look beneath the flowers | Making a tough right turn | Parade route

A primary driver steers the front and middle islands, and a second driver steers the rear. An observer on the float verbally coordinates with both drivers.

An elaborate steel frame supports the flowers and the float's theme elements. A rear pivot trailer hitch allows the back island to swing free for steering. A vertical pivot lets the front island adjust to changes in the road's surface.

The parade follows its traditional route down Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena.

Approaching the corner

An onboard observer uses a wired headset
connected to the drivers to relay directions based on visual cues such as the crosswalk and lines on the street. A turning crew standing in the street also assists.

Moving into the turn

The main driver, who sits hidden about 65 feet
from the front of float, begins turning right. Simultaneously, the rear driver turns slightly left. The front island is on caster wheels that cause it to swing right as it moves through the intersection.

Bringing it around

As the front island and main platform approach the center-line position, the rear driver turns right, bringing the back directly behind the rest of the float and avoiding the right corner curb.


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