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Where’s the Hollywood fault?

The Hollywood fault runs near the proposed Millennium development, but sources differ on whether it is directly under, or only near, the site.


Two official sources cited by the developer do not place the Hollywood fault underneath the Millennium site. One is the U.S. Geological Survey’s map, which shows the Hollywood fault crossing Vine Street north of Yucca Street, north of the Millennium project site. The city of Los Angeles’ Hollywood fault study area maps the fault zone south of the site. Click "STATE GEOLOGIST" above to see another view of the fault.

California state geologist John Parrish said a strand of the Hollywood fault may go underneath the Millennium site. He cited maps drawn by USC earth sciences professor James Dolan. Based on soil core samples, elevation differences and groundwater levels, Dolan mapped two parallel faults, one north of Yucca Street, and one south of Yucca. But erosion has erased surface evidence of the fault at Vine Street under the project site. More underground testing is required to determine whether the southern fault runs under the Millennium site or arches north toward Yucca.


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