New green lane for bicycles

Motorists driving on streets with new green bike lanes must be aware of the rules of the road. A new lane on Spring Street in downtown Los Angeles illustrates some typical situations.


Merging into green lane

The far right lane

Dealing with a parking lane

Nearing the corner

At the corner



Leave bike lane quickly

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Broken green stripe

A broken green stripe means cars can cross a bike lane here -- after yielding to cyclists -- and enter the far right lane to make a right turn.

Move to the far right

Though the distance can vary, the break is about 150 to 200 feet from a corner in an area where street parking is not allowed.

Avoid this area otherwise

The area nearest the curb is reserved for bus stops and parking where posted; no through traffic.

Cars may cross

Cars may cross and merge into a bike lane to make a right turn and to park where street parking is permitted.

Crossing the bike lane

There is no buffer zone or broken green stripe showing where to turn.

Approaching the bike lane

Cars can merge into the bike lane, after yielding to cyclists.

OK to cross bike lane

Cars may cross a bike lane to enter or exit a driveway up to 200 feet in advance of the driveway.

Merge into traffic or complete turn


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