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The path of Isaac

The National Hurricane Center's projected path for Isaac has the brunt of the storm heading to the Louisiana coast.

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Color paths show the slow movement of the storm as it crossed the New Orleans region.

The Army Corps of Engineers' $14.5-billion, 133-mile storm protection system has upgraded the entire region's defense against flood waters. Among the components:

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Plaquemines Parish

Floodwaters reach 14 feet near overtopped levee; officials consider breaching a levee to lower water levels; evacuations ordered for bottom two-thirds of parish.


Flooding in old town area forces evacuations; rising water overwhelms pumping stations; businesses and homes inundated by up to 3 feet of water.

New Orleans

Four bridge sections on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway collapse; three-quarters of the city without electricity; street flooding and uprooted trees block roads.

Tangipahoa Dam

Water released to prevent collapse of Tangipahoa Dam; officials order evacuations for 60,000 people along Tangipahoa River.

Old levee I walls

Water from Katrina's surge put pressure on the floodwalls and the soil beneath them. Some eventually gave way, causing the walls to fail.

New levee T walls

The new T-shape concrete wall has strong strut support in the soil and resists toppling above ground.

New flood gates

The new gates are designed to a 100-year-flood standard and work in conjunction with the floodwalls and pump stations throughout the region.


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