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Disney Hall: Inside and out

Architect Frank Gehry envisioned Walt Disney Concert Hall, which opened in 2003, as a public gathering place that he called “a living room for the city.” The hall features many gathering spots, a grand staircase and superior acoustics.

Exterior | Interior | Acoustics | Setting the stage | Orchestra risers

Covered in 6,500 panels, the brushed metal exterior looks like an enormous blooming steel flower, according to architect Gehry.

Disney Hall's interior features an auditorium with a sailing ship motif, dining areas and a performance theater.

In an unamplified hall such as Disney Hall, the best sound doesn’t come directly from the orchestra but from reflections off the walls surrounding the stage.

Musicians sit in a standard orchestra pattern. The more tightly arranged the ensemble, the more acoustically superior the sound.

Hydraulic risers within the stage lift or lower to 12 incremental heights to accommodate any size ensemble. The risers lift and lower to "tune" the orchestra.