State of the Union


How to play

At 6 p.m. PDT Tuesday, President Obama will take to the podium to deliver his final State of the Union address. To further liven up the event, we've put together a bingo card based on things we have a hunch could happen during the president's speech. When one of them does, click on the corresponding square. Get five in a row, you win! For a livestream and analysis before, during and after the address, join us here.

About my card

About this square

To make your personalized State of the Union bingo card, we've taken a stab at what might transpire during Tuesday's speech based on Obama's views and how former State of the Union addresses have gone. Your card is designed to increase your chances of getting at least one "Bingo" during the address.

You win!

Credits: Priya Krishnakumar, Jon Schleuss and Christina Bellantoni
Photos: Los Angeles Times, Associated Press
Source: Times reporting