How South L.A. voted
In the March primary, Councilwoman Jan Perry got strong support in South L.A., where she represents a district with a large proportion of African-Americans voters. Because Perry's support was weaker elsewhere, she finished fourth citywide and did not qualify for the May 21 runoff.
South L.A. neighborhoods
Name Votes Pct.
Jan Perry 24,568 55.8%
Eric Garcetti 8,332 18.9%
Wendy Greuel 6,888 15.6%
Kevin James 1,335 3.0%
Other 2,917 6.6%
Rest of L.A.
Name Votes Pct.
Eric Garcetti 113,598 35.1%
Wendy Greuel 99,860 30.8%
Kevin James 58,819 18.2%
Jan Perry 33,904 10.5%
Other 17,701 5.5%
Leader by precinct
Sources: Los Angeles City Clerk, Times analysis
Ben Welsh Los Angeles Times