What’s the Twitterverse saying about Hollywood’s awards season?

Check out the vox pop on your favorite (and least favorite) stars and films ahead of the 84th Academy Awards. Is Tinseltown in tune with, or out of touch with, movie fans?

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Demián Bichir
George Clooney
Matt Damon
Leonardo DiCaprio
Jean Dujardin
Michael Fassbender
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Ryan Gosling
Woody Harrelson
Thomas Horn
Gary Oldman
Brad Pitt
Michael Shannon
Jessica Chastain
Glenn Close
Viola Davis
Kirsten Dunst
Jodie Foster
Rooney Mara
Elizabeth Olsen
Meryl Streep
Tilda Swinton
Charlize Theron
Michelle Williams
Kate Winslet
A Better Life
Adventures / Tintin
The Artist
The Descendants
Extremely Loud
Girl / Dragon Tattoo
Harry Potter
The Help
Ides of March
Iron Lady
J. Edgar
Midnight in Paris
My Week / Marilyn
Tinker Tailor
Tree of Life
War Horse
We Need to Talk / Kevin

Credits: Armand Emamdjomeh, Stephanie Ferrell, Julie Makinen, Paul Olund, Anthony Pesce, Ken Schwencke and Ben Welsh. Interactive graphic by Thomas Suh Lauder

Tooltip reference

How we did it

The Oscar Senti-meter is a tool developed by the L.A. Times, IBM and the University of Southern California Annenberg Innovation Lab to analyze opinions about the Academy Awards race shared in millions of public messages on Twitter. Focused on the best actor, actress and picture categories, the Senti-meter combs through a high volume of tweets daily and uses language-recognition technology, developed in collaboration with USC’s Signal Analysis and Interpretation Lab, to gauge positive, negative and neutral opinions shared in the messages. It also tracks the number of tweets.

Cataloguing these tweets over time gives insight into the vox pop surrounding Hollywood’s awards season and gives a voice to average fans who may endorse – or abhor – the selections made by Tinseltown’s elite. While the Senti-meter has some ability to capture tweets in languages other than English, such as Spanish, it is not equipped to rate such tweets on a positive/negative scale. Such tweets are included in the total volume of tweets but are not scored for sentiment. The search terms and key words are also being continuously updated so as to capture the most relevant tweets about movies, actors and actresses and their Oscar buzz.

*Data missing for Jan. 29-31.


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