Academy Awards


You win!

About my card

About this square

To make your personalized bingo card, we've put together a combination of some commonly used acceptance speech expressions and a few well-known awards season cliches. Your card is designed to increase your chances of getting at least one "Bingo" during the show.

How to play

The Oscars are a beloved and time-honored tradition, but let's face it — the ceremony can get a little long. To make the show a little more fun, we've put together a bingo card. When something happens during the ceremony that matches what's on the board, click on the corresponding square. Play here or print out multiple copies for a viewing party. Once you get five in a row, you've won! For more Oscars coverage, head over to The Envelope.

Programming/design: Priya Krishnakumar
Sources: Times photography, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, NBC (GIFs).