L.A. Marathon: Run the race without ever breaking a sweat

Even if you're not running alongside the 26,000 participants in Sunday's L.A. Marathon, you can still see how you'd do against the competition. Enter your mile pace or marathon time here and see how you stack up against your friends, previous marathon runners and some unexpected participants – such as a Metro bus, or a runaway llama -- in the 26.2-mile trek from Dodger Stadium to Ocean Avenue.

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Sources: The Associated Press, Los Angeles Times photography, Los Angeles Marathon.

Notes: The speed of a Metro bus was found by taking the average time of the 2 along its route from Dodger Stadium to Pacific Coast Highway on a Sunday morning and applying that to the length of a marathon. It's expected that the presence of 26,000 runners will slow it down somewhat. Bear and llama times are based on their top running speed over a few miles. Llamas are expected to be much better at evading other runners, however. The airspeed velocity for an unladen swallow was obtained from Wolfram Alpha. Animal times may vary.

Lily Mihalik contributed to this graphic.

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