Older concrete buildings in Los Angeles

Scientists used public records, maps and street surveys to compile a list of nearly 1,500 concrete buildings constructed before 1976 in Los Angeles. The University of California gave the list to Los Angeles city officials and released a copy to The Times in response to a public records request.

Despite their sturdy appearance, some older concrete buildings are vulnerable to the sideways movement of a major earthquake because they don't have enough steel reinforcing bars to hold columns in place. The University of California researchers estimate that about 75 of the 1,500 buildings on the list could collapse in a large earthquake, exposing thousands to injury or death.

Each building would need to be examined more closely and undergo extensive testing to gauge its vulnerability; some may be safe, some may turn out not to be concrete. The scientists stressed that the list is not 100% accurate and that they have not reached any conclusions about the safety or hazard posed by any of the 1,451 buildings.

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Note: The Times standardized the capitalization, abbreviation and punctuation of addresses provided by the University of California and in some cases completed names that were truncated.

Source: UC Berkeley

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