Where is the cheapest pizza near you?

Forget your gourmet broccoli-covered-wood-fired-thin-crust-gluten-free pizza. Sometimes you just need a cheap and greasy slice and you need it now. Plug in your address to compare the competition among the nation's three largest pizza chains.

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Average price of large pepperoni pizza at Domino's by state Map of average cost of Pizza Hut large pepperoni Average cost of a large pepperoni pizza at Papa John's

Note: Prices are based on the non-promotional carryout costs sampled July-August 2015.

Sources: The companies, AggData, Times reporting, Leaflet, CartoDB, OpenStreetMap

Additional programming by Thomas Suh Lauder and Priya Krishnakumar. Photos by Anne Cusack.

Distance, price or quality? How do you choose a pizza place?