Ronda Rousey breaks down her victories

Unbeaten UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, while preparing for her Saturday title defense in Australia against former boxing world champion Holly Holm, recently sat inside the boxing ring of her trainer's Glendale gym to dissect full replays of her first-round victories, artfully revealing the activity of a fighter's mind. Rousey unveiled the depth of study she devotes to her opponents, the measure of her dedication to victory and a gift for quick thinking that appears unrivaled.

Footage courtesy of UFC Fight Pass

Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia

"This one, I specifically wanted to knock her out."

A bitter foe in hostile territory didn't matter. Rousey's sharpened stand-up skills decided the bout, silencing the mouthy Brazilian in an arena that holds special meaning for the former Olympic judo fighter.

Rio de Janiero, Brazil | Aug. 1, 2015

Length: 0 minutes, 34 seconds

Winner: Rousey by knockout

Ronda Rousey vs. Cat Zingano

"This armbar I made up on the spot...I don't memorize moves, I just do what makes sense at the time. "

The well-prepared champion can also improvise, as she showed in producing a never-before-done maneuver to force the challenger's tapout.

Los Angeles, CA | Feb. 28, 2015

Length: 0 minutes, 14 seconds

Winner: Rousey by submission via armbar

Ronda Rousey vs. Alexis Davis

"After the first punch, my thumb breaks. And then every single punch after that is on a broken thumb...and my knuckle [was] gone."

Could Rousey punch? Davis pressed the question, and was left unconscious by the answer.

Las Vegas, NV | July 5, 2014

Length: 0 minutes, 16 seconds

Winner: Rousey by knockout

Ronda Rousey vs. Sara McMann

"Her back has never been to the cage. So I knew that the second she got there, she'd revert to what was most comfortable."

Taking the title fight with a UFC-record-short 56-day break, Rousey broke down film to identify where the wrestler was vulnerable and pulled off a surprise attack to achieve victory.

Las Vegas, NV | Feb. 22, 2014

Length: 1 minute, 6 seconds

Winner: Rousey by knockout

Ronda Rousey vs. Liz Carmouche

"I was willing to be a quadriplegic to win that was that important to me."

Rousey's historic first-ever UFC women's fight at Honda Center still stands as her most difficult fight, a test that strained her, yet couldn't deny her from victory with her signature armbar as the exclamation point.

Anaheim, CA | Feb. 23, 2013

Length: 4 minutes, 49 seconds

Winner: Rousey by submission via armbar

Credits: Video interview by Christina House, production by Eben McCue. Lead photo: Harry How/Getty Images

Sources: Times reporting, UFC Fight Pass.